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primary pe and sport premium

Pupils of primary age do not spend very long with us at Meadowbrook College as they are in transition onto a new primary school and work with a wide variety of ages who only qualify for the PE and Sport Premium if they are with us at a particular time in the year when the relevant census is taken.  For the period 2018-19 we had 6 pupils eligible and received £6000; the plans for how this funding was used are attached below. 

At Meadowbrook College our primary pupils follow the Bridges programme which has been developed to provide a comprehensive and integrated interim package of support.  Each programme can be tailored to meet the needs of our pupils and is designed to prepare them to move onto their next school/placement.  Physical activity, education and sport forms an important part of our curriculum offer.  We only have pupils with us for a short period of time, but they experience a variety of sports: table-tennis, basketball, football, swimming, ice-skating, climbing, horse-riding, outdoor education activities and 'play' activities. 

Swimming/water safety requirements: we are unable to fully contribute to the national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety, as would be possible in a mainstream setting, but do include swimming in our PE/Sport programme.  Pupils may move on to their new schools part-way through the swimming sessions but, where possible, they will have experienced swimming as part of their physical education curriculum.

With regard to the DfE 5 key indicators:

  • all our pupils are engaged in physical activity every day.  We are fortunate to have a full size hall for indoor activites, a large playground, multi-fitness gym and huge field/grass space
  • our pupils, from age 5-16 often need the outlet that physical activity offers and so we have a variety of opportunites for our students to access our facilities whenever they need to throughout the day but we also have formal, timetabled lessons as all levels of qualification.  We will continue to develop our provision for PE/Sport and aspire to taking part in more physical activity together as staff and students
  • we have increased our expertise in PE/Sport and have made sure that staff work together with specialists to develop each others confidence, knowledge and skills
  • the range of sports and activities offered to pupils has increased over the last few years, including a whole schools sports day at the end of the year, but this is an area that we will continue to develop with increased funding 
  • competitive sport proves to be a challenge for us at the college due to the majority of our students being transported through county transport.  We will continue to explore other opportunities for our students to participate during the school day eg. Oxford School Games

In addition to the above key areas we have introduced Outdoor Education experiences to our primary curriculum so our students experience a variety of outdoor activities including canoeing, climbing and problem-solving challenges.  Students also attend a play centre once a week where they can participate in free play activities but in a public environment where they can practise their self-regulation skills in preparation for returning to a new school.

Meadowbrook College is an AP Academy managed by Radcliffe Academy which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with registered company number 9334026 and its registered address at Raymund Road, Marston, Oxford OX3 0PG