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link mentoring

We are pleased to introduce a new programme which has proven extremely effective for schools: Mentoring

We call this programme 'link mentoring' because it works best when there is a strong link between the mentor, the school lead member of staff, student's teachers and student.  Students are referred to the Link Mentoring programme for a variety of reasons - the school and student hold the link to the change that can be made. 

School's have our mentor to themselves, for at least a half day, and offer students the opportunity to meet with one of our Mentors once a week.  Schools select the students for the programme for a variety of reasons - the common factor in all is that having someone from outside of their school might just help make the change that is needed.

The 'work' we do with a student (over an agreed time frame, but usually anything from a half to a full term) varies from self-confidence building, behaviour management, specific difficulties students may be encountering in class or school eg. asking for help or concentration, conflict management, anxiety, trauma.  

Regular meetings take place with the school in order to evaluate our mentoring programme and baseline data is collected so that we can measure the impact of the programme - this might include attendance, engagement scores, grade improvement, reductions in behaviour incidents.  

If you are interested in Link Mentoring please contact Daisy O'Toole or Beverley O'Toole on 01865 253198.

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