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Meadowbrook Visionz Arts Centre

Meadowbrook College is passionate about the arts and its value in education and self-development. Meadowbrook is committed to its investment in the importance of the Arts within the School; how the arts can be used to enrich the lives of its students and the wider community.

Meadowbrook’s vision in setting up the Arts Centre is to improve and increase access to Meadowbrook to the wider community and the widening prospects for Meadowbrook Students. Forming a space where preconceptions, self-confidence and social skills are addressed through creativity. Offering therapeutic emotional support and a professional resource.

Meadowbrook is dedicated in providing opportunities and inspiration to its students and visitors. Collaboration and partnership work is an important part of the School’s ethos. The Arts Centre strives to promote the profile of Meadowbrook as a respected learning community. Its artistic approach and expertise can provide others within the community with opportunities; offering varied arts packages and projects to others, delivered by professional arts practitioners.

Meadowbrook’s new exhibition space showcases new and exciting work produced through Meadowbrook partnerships; with an inspiring exhibition programme displaying varied and interesting work. The space offers the versatility as a project space and a professional gallery.

Created and run by the School's Artist Dionne Freeman contact for more information.

Meadowbrook College is an AP Academy managed by Radcliffe Academy which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with registered company number 9334026 and its registered address at Raymund Road, Marston, Oxford OX3 0PG