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On Course Programme Dates

2015 - 2016

These programmes and dates can be subject to change

Term Programme Area/Venue Referral Date Start Date Graduation Date
Term 1 20 Day North/City Kidlington 16th Sept 2015 28th Sept 2015 23rd Oct 2015
Term 2 20 Day North/City Kidlington 23rd Oct 2015 16th Nov 2015 11th Dec 2015
Term 3 20 Day North/City Kidlington 11th Dec 2015 11th Jan 2016 5th Feb 2016
Term 4 20 Day North/City Kidlington 5th Feb 2016 29th Feb 2016 24th Mar 2016
Term 5 20 Day North/City Kidlington 24th Mar 2016 25th Apr 2016 20th May 2016
Term 6 20 Day North/City Kidlington 20th May 2016 13th June 2016 8th July 2016


9.00-9.15am Breakfast Club
9.15-9.40am Opening Circle and Reflection
9.40-9.50am Ice-breaker
9.50-11.00am SESSION 1
11.00–11.20am Break
11.20-12.00pm SESSION 2
12.00-12.30pm Lunch
12.30-12.45pm Afternoon Circle and Icebreaker
12.45-1.45pm SESSION 3
1.45-2.05pm Reflection
2.05-2.15pm Closing Circle

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