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Key Stage 3 Provision

The Discovery and On Course programmes have been running successfully in Oxfordshire for over five years and are delivered by experienced practitioners who have significant experience with young people who have social, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.

The Approach

The KS3 team approach is humanistic-based and uses solution-focused and restorative intervention techniques to create an environment where positive change is achievable. This environment allows a process to take place that enables the pupil group to initially feel safe, develop openness, build trust, encourage challenge and finally, promotes the capacity to change and experience actual change.

The programmes aim to work inclusively with schools, families, carers and other agencies, towards a shared goal of reducing exclusions and raising attainment.

Welcome to the Discovery programme

At Meadowbrook we recognise that complex problems rarely have single answers. We do not aim to ‘cure’ a pupil, but rather use a solution-focused approach to help both school and pupil reflect on ways forward to enable the student to return to school more successfully.

The Discovery Programme works with students who are experiencing difficulties accessing education. The programme is based at ‘The Orchard’ in Abingdon and offers an up to 8 week, full time, off site placement with two weeks of integration support.

Educational inclusion is promoted by:

  • Providing a positive learning experience.
  • Teaching effective strategies to modify pupils’ behaviour in school.
  • Raising pupils’ confidence and self-esteem.
  • Identifying issues for schools to address in order to maintain successful reintegration.

The programme includes:

  • Academic and behavioural assessment. The 'academic strand' predominantly numeracy and literacy.
  • An 'emotional literacy strand' including strategies for coping in school, managing feelings, social skills and self-reflection.
  • The 'practical strand' including education, art, outings and outdoor education

In practice, much of our work is integrated across the three strands, allowing pupils to work on behavioural and academic work targets throughout the day. Each student works with a member of staff to set regular work and behavioural targets, which are closely monitored in all sessions. Students receive clear rewards and sanctions, enabling them to begin to take responsibility for their learning

Welcome to On Course Intensive programme

The programme is a 20 day intensive self-management programme designed to provide pupils in Key Stage 3, with an opportunity to develop their skills and capacity to manage themselves and their behaviour more appropriately, to become more successful in accessing the curriculum and maintaining their mainstream school place.

Pupils take part in a comprehensive and intensive programme of experiential learning in self-management. The programme focuses on creating a supportive, challenging environment within which to develop self-esteem and confidence through personal awareness, self-management and by learning personal and interpersonal skills.

Throughout the programme pupils discover and practice these skills in preparation for their return to school, they learn to begin to take responsibility for themselves in relating to their family and the wider community. The programme focus includes work in understanding their developing emotional needs, and strategies to address issues such as anger, excitement, winning and losing and the management of self as an individual and within teams. Work on relationships includes peer pressure and influences, friendships, relationships at home and at school, including those with the teachers and support staff. Activities include understanding difference, the management of personal risk and looking at personal effectiveness in dealing with difficult or unpredictable situations. The programmes develop pupil skills, capacity and awareness in managing themselves better in situations they have traditionally found challenging. 

Typical components of our programmes include focus on:

  • Trust development
  • Relationship management
  • Asking for help
  • Active listening
  • Conflict resolution
  • Teamwork and group cohesion
  • Social & life skills
  • Empathy
  • Reputations
  • Presentation skills
  • Community ownership & citizenship
  • Thinking skills

On Course Venues

On Course currently runs from 1 permanent base in Oxfordshire which covers the whole county.

  • The Forum Youth Centre, Kidlington.

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