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Art Therapy/Therapeutic mentoring

Sarah is a Senior HCPC Registered Art Therapist resident at Meadowbrook College.

Art Therapy is a part of the health and mental well-being resource for young people at Meadowbrook College and aims to intensively support young people to engage in education and gain their learning and life outcomes.

Art Therapy is a type of therapy which uses art as a different way to communicate.  Art Therapy gives students the chance to express themselves and explore concerns or difficulties that arise during their time at Meadowbrook College, which may be hampering mental well-being and blocking learning.

Art Therapy can give a student space in their week to think, together with the Therapist.  This can lead to a student understanding themselves better and/or coping with a specific situation in a different or new way.  The intervention is tailored around the individual student referred in a bespoke package.

Sarah predominantly works with students who are on roll full-time at the College but there may be occasions where she could support students in schools.  Please contact Elaine/Beverley to discuss further.

Contact Details:

Telephone via Main Harlow Centre Switchboard: 01865 253198


therapeutic mentoring

We have introduced Therapeutic Mentoring to our own Meadowbrook provision this year and have seen some pleasing results.  We have a number of students for whom their mental health is a real barrier to their learning and progress at the college and the opportunity to meet with a mentor on a regular basis, particularly in the absence of other outside agency support, can be just the support they need.  A number of our students have experienced a great deal of trauma which makes focus on studies in school quite a challenge.  

We have three trained Therapeutic Mentors: Elaine, Jen and Lisa.  They are not Therapists but if therapy is required we are able to refer to a qualified therapist who will do an additional piece of work with the young person.  

We are happy to announce that we will be offering Therapeutic Mentoring to schools from 2019.  

Please contact Elaine or Beverley if you wish to access our therapeutic services.

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