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proud of this student's success


One of our teachers received this message last week - we are so proud of this young lady - yep, it sure was tough at times when she was with us but we always knew she had it in her to be successful - she just didn't know it yet!...Well done, we are so proud of you, hope to hear of your continued success....

... I miss all of you lots . I was doing an Apprenticeship as a dental nurse but didn’t not like it at all and was not interested in it.  So  I’m at College now studying Health and Social Care Level 2. It’s going really well and I been getting distinctions and merits in all my assignments . I also  applied for Ruskins College for September to do a degree in social work don’t know if I’ll get in though. Never got round to it but just wanted to thank you lot so much for teaching me so many life lessons at Meadowbrook and I’m so thankful for all of you , as you lot taught me a lot . I look back now and think that so many times I was so childish . You all taught me to have confidence and focus more on my education and life goals rather than petty arguments and friendships and relationships that won’t last and things I won’t remember in 5 years time . I can’t thank this school enough it really has changed my whole out look on life . Thank you for all the extra effort and time you spent on me .I really hope you’re doing well and I will be staying in touch .

Thank you for everything,x

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