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Meadowbrook College is Oxfordshire’s Pupil Referral Unit and Integration Service. Working from bases in Oxford, Banbury and Abingdon we provide education and support to about one hundred secondary age students from across Oxfordshire.

Meadowbrook offers all its students ‘a second chance for learning’ and works hard to ensure that they achieve successful outcomes despite the difficulties and setbacks they have experienced during their time at mainstream school. It’s about looking forward, not back.






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      Manet Outreach Display News 2014

      Community Project Exhibition: Me, Myself & Manet


      The Ashmolean is celebrating the completion of a community-based project to widen access to Edouard Manet's 'Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus' 

      In August 2012 the Ashmolean acquired 'Portrait of Mademoiselle Claus' (1868) by Edouard Manet following a nine-month campaign to save the painting for the nation. Lead support was given by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) which provided a £5.9 million grant towards the painting’s acquisition; to support a tour of the painting to museums and galleries around the country; and a series of education and community-based projects to widen access to the painting, the Ashmolean, and art in general.


      Liberty McFarlane from Meadowbrook College 
      Liberty McFarlane, 17, from Meadowbrook College, with the reproduction of Manet's
      portrait used to help them produce their own designs. Photograph by David Fleming.

      The acquisition of the painting has transformed the breadth and scope of the Ashmolean’s collections of works by Impressionist painters; and it has added a new dimension to the national collection of works by Manet. Since the acquisition, a range of activities supported by the HLF, including lectures, family activities, online learning, and activities for schools, have been introducing new audiences to the painting and to Impressionist art more widely.

      In addition to the Roundabout partnership, the Museum has been working with Meadowbrook College, Oxfordshire’s Pupil Referral Unit and Integration Service, which provides support to a hundred secondary age students across the county. Meadowbrook students who attend the unit’s arts centre have taken part in a Manet project during the past school term. Students have visited the Museum and have attended workshops given by the Ashmolean. They have produced their own artwork, reinterpreting the portrait in three dimensional canvases and large scale paintings which have modernized Manet’s scene.

      Visit the free display in the Ashmolean Museum Education Centre until January 2015. Read more about the project at the Me, Myself & Manet blog.



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