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We rarely talk about 'rules' at Meadowbrook College but we ask our students to help us work happily and safely together by agreeing to the following when they join us:

  • Always treat each other, staff and visitors with respect and show tolerance for other people’s views

  • Always try to speak politely to everyone

  • Complete the work set in class and allow others to learn and your teacher to teach

  • Attend school on time and aim for full attendance each year

  • Respect the environment of the buildings, the site and equipment and not damage anything

  • Turn off mobile phones during lesson times - ANY misuse of A mobile phone on school premises may lead to its confiscation and a possible ban from the college site

  • Behave sensibly and safely at all times around the college site

  • Follow adult instructions

  • Inform your key worker or other staff of any problems, or ask your parents/carers to contact us

  • Observe standards of dress consistent with good health, safety and hygiene practices

  • follow the College's code of conduct for health and safety and internet access 

  • take any medication prescribed by my doctor


Meadowbrook College is an AP Academy managed by Radcliffe Academy which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with registered company number 9334026 and its registered address at Raymund Road, Marston, Oxford OX3 0PG