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We are working to the Gatsby guidance and meeting our Benchmarks so far.   Excellent CEAIG is crucial for our youngsters as the NEET figures for all students in year 11 nationally sits at around 75% - for students in Alternative Provision this falls to below 50%.  Our NEET figures have traditionally been very low but we have to work hard with our students to encourage them to find a career focus and to link this to working hard in the academic lessons in order to secure good outcomes and a stronger chance of an offer at College/in employment or training.

Through a Personal Development focused and personalised curriculum, Meadowbrook College offers all students in Years 9-11 the opportunity to receive impartial careers advice and guidance as well as opportunities to meet with and visit local businesses and local careers events in order to support our students' future transitions. We also use Tutor time, 'All-Ins' and other timetabled opportunities to help students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to present themselves as confident, articulate individuals focused on achieving their goals.  In addition, our Key Stage 3 short-term programmes often visit 'Careers Education' with the young people who join them during the course of the year.

Parents are invited into school to events, meetings and parents evenings where they can meet with staff and discuss and receive sign-posting information relevant to their children’s needs. Staff also work hard to remain in touch with parents/carers to support student transition, even after students have left us into 'year 12'.  

Each student is given a key-worker (tutor) on the Meadowbrook staff who offers opportunities for students to gain help creating careers plans.  Key Workers then help students follow these plans through to further education/training applications, visits to the college/employer and with preparation for interviews.   

All of our older students have the opportunity to attend long-term work experience placements in order to help build their confidence, give them opportunities to try out their chosen career and to help them develop the personal and social skills required for both the Post-16 environment and the workplace.

All students study elements of the Pearson BTEC PSD Level 1/2 qualification - our older students take this as an examination subject - and this gives them the opportunity to search for careers they may wish to undertake, develop the skills needed to make a good application to college/an employer and to develop the confidence to sell themselves and gain the best post-16 opportunities they can.

We will be constantly reviewing our CEAIG, particularly in the light of lessons learned in previous years regarding our students securing their post-16 destinations, to ensure that Meadowbrook keeps our students best prepared and parents/carers and members of the public up to date.  

Meadowbrook College is an AP Academy managed by Radcliffe Academy which is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with registered company number 9334026 and its registered address at Raymund Road, Marston, Oxford OX3 0PG